“Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late” by Laura Overdeck

Math is often viewed as a boring and uninteresting subject by kids, which can make it a dreaded topic. However, “Bedtime Math” by Laura Overdeck provides an innovative way to transform math into an enjoyable and exciting activity that kids will look forward to. In this review, we will explore how “Bedtime Math” compares to other popular math books and how it can help children develop a positive attitude towards math.

“Bedtime Math” is a book that aims to make math a fun and engaging activity for kids before bedtime. The book is divided into three levels: Wee Ones, Little Kids, and Big Kids, each with its own set of math problems and challenges. These exercises are designed to be both entertaining and educational, covering a range of topics from counting and shapes to geometry and algebra.

While other math books like “Math Curse” by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith focus on teaching kids how math is used in the real world, “Bedtime Math” takes a more creative approach to teaching math. Rather than focusing solely on practical applications, “Bedtime Math” makes math a game that kids can enjoy playing, turning it into a fun activity rather than a chore.

Laura Overdeck

“Bedtime Math” helps kids build confidence in math by making it accessible and enjoyable. By engaging children in math in a relaxed and fun way, “Bedtime Math” helps them develop a positive attitude towards the subject. The book encourages parents and kids to spend quality time together, making math an activity they can share and bond over.

While “Bedtime Math” is great for making math fun, it may not be as effective in teaching specific math skills as other books. The book is more focused on making math an enjoyable activity than teaching specific concepts or skills. Additionally, it may not be suitable for children who are struggling with math, as it does not provide as much guidance or instruction as other books.

“Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late” is an excellent book for parents who want to make math an enjoyable activity for their kids. It provides a creative and fun approach to math that kids will love, and it encourages parents to spend quality time with their children. While it may not be as effective in teaching specific math skills as other books, “Bedtime Math” is an excellent way to build a positive attitude towards math and make it an enjoyable subject for kids.